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The Company is engaged in collaborative efforts with U.S. national laboratories and universities and with international teaming partners.   The Company has active research collaborations for its brachytherapy products with Washington State University and the University of Utah as well as the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, operated by Battelle.

IsoTherapudics Group


IsoTherapeutics Group is a radiopharmaceutical company that provides research and development services, including animal studies and early stage manufacturing for the purpose of aiding customers and collaborators in the development of radionuclide-based drug and device products. Current collaborators include Molecular Imaging, PerkinElmer, MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Missouri-Columbia, Excel Diagnostics and Valco Instruments. The Company scientists, while formerly employed at The Dow Chemical Company, developed the commercial products QUADRAMET® and Iotrex®.


AMI has partnered with IsoTherapeutics Group, LLC of Angleton, TX on the manufacturing and preclinical development of Y-90 based brachytherapy. The first project between AMIC and IsoTherapeutics focuses on AMIC’s Y-90 RadioGel™ device. IsoTherapeutics is developing and executing studies, under AMI guidance, in the manner the FDA has requested, with the end goal of FDA clearance for the Y-90 RadioGel™ device.


“We are pleased to offer our services to AMI and look forward to a long and outstanding collaboration that will have a significant, positive impact on the commercialization efforts of the AMIC Y-90 brachytherapy products,” stated R. Keith Frank, Ph.D., President and CEO of IsoTherapeutics Group.



Pawspice was founded by AMI’s Veterinary Medicine Advisory Board Chair, Dr. Alice Villalobos. Pawspice is mission is to provide the highest standard of compassionate cancer treatment and end of life palliative care to advanced stage and terminal pets by providing a unique Quality of Life Care Program. As pets get older the human-animal bond gets stronger. Many books, articles and even cards describe the love and devotion that animal companions have for their owners, but overlook the dedication that pet owners have for their animal family members. Pawspice partners with pet owners and their referring veterinarians to challenge their pet's cancer and other terminal illness with a positive and compassionate approach. Supporting the heartfelt emotions of the family while providing quality of life and comfort for their deeply loved animal companions.


Pawspice has partnered with AMI to make the Company’s yttrium-90 brachytherapy treatments available to pets with tumor cancers.

Washington State University


WSU Tri-Cities, one of three urban campuses in the Washington State University system, is the only public, four-year institution in southeastern Washington. Complete your WSU degree in small-campus setting along the scenic Columbia River. Choose from 18 bachelor’s, 10 master’s degree programs and six doctoral degree programs, including business, computer science, education, engineering, liberal arts, nursing, science, and viticulture and enology.