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Dr. Robert E. Schenter - Former Chief Science Officer

Jan 4, 1937 - July 9, 2013

Dr. Robert E. Schenter
Dr. Robert E. Schenter

Dr. Robert E. Schenter served as the Chief Science Officer at AMI, up until his passing in July 2013. Bob brought his 40+ years of expertise in research and development in neutron cross-section and decay.

Robert E. Schenter was, (for the last 30 years) a world authority on isotope production. In the United States he was also a leading expert on fission reactor and charged particle accelerator production of isotopes, having served as the Site Director/Deputy Site Director in the Isotope Program Office for Westinghouse Hanford Company (WHC) and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), and as a member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Advisory Committee on the Medical Use of Isotopes (ACMUI).

As the first Chief Science Officer (CSO) for Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation (AMI), Dr. Schenter had worked with a number of student employees performing thousands of calculations focusing on the production of more than 150 different medical isotopes using charged particle accelerators. Most recently, he had been performing analyses on different approaches to produce Molybdenum-99.

• Schenter’s achievements included 8 patents related to the production of medical isotopes.

• Milestones - "Never Give Up!" A tribute to Dr. Robert (Bob) E. Schenter.

During the advocacy and continuing until his passing, Dr. Bob was noted for his ‘Never Give Up’ attitude as characterized by his favorite cartoon. His last advocacy activity was an interview with Mary Claire Birdsong and Dr. John Shanahan of GoNulcear only two weeks before his passing.

Citizens for Medical Isotopes - Dr. Robert (Bob) Schenter • Co Founder