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Board of Directors.

As AMI pursues opportunities and moves forward in an environment of challenge and change, the Company continues to strengthen its governance accountability and oversight by having an experienced and independent Board of Directors. AMI remains at the forefront in establishing, maintaining and strengthening all aspects of its corporate governance. The Board of Directors and the Executive Management Team at AMI are committed to responding to the needs and opportunities created by a dynamic and challenging marketplace.


Dr. Carlton Cadwell
Dr. Carlton Cadwell

Dr. Carlton Cadwell - CHAIRMAN • Director

Dr. Carlton Cadwell joined Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation as a director in 2006. Dr. Cadwell brings over 30 years of experience in business management, strategic planning, and implementation. He co-founded Cadwell Laboratories, Inc. in 1979 and has served as its President since its inception. Cadwell Laboratories, Inc. is a major international provider of neurodiagnostic medical devices.


After receiving his bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon in 1966 and a doctoral degree from the University of Washington in 1970, he began his career serving in the United States Army as a dentist for 3 years. From 1973 to 1980, Dr. Cadwell practiced dentistry in private practice and since has started several businesses.

Dr. Mike Korenko - President • CEO • Director


Dr. Korenko formerly served as Vice-President of Westinghouse, where he was tasked with overseeing 300 and 400 areas, including the Fast Flux Testing Facility (FFTF) and all engineering, safety analysis, and projects for the Hanford site. He also served as Executive Vice President of Closure for Safe Sites of Colorado at Rocky Flats. His most previous assignment was as Chief Operating Officer for Curtiss-Wright, producer of the nuclear components for all the United States submarine and aircraft carriers, as well as components for commercial nuclear power companies.


Dr. Korenko has a Doctor of Science from MIT, was a NATO Postdoctoral Fellow at Oxford University, and was selected as a White House Fellow for the Department of Defense, reporting to Secretary Cap Weinberger. Dr. Korenko currently is the author of 28 patents and has received many awards, including the National Energy Resources Organization Research and Development Award, the U.S. Steelworkers Award for Excellence in Promoting Safety, and the Westinghouse Total Quality Award for Performance Manager of the Year.

Dr. Robert G. Wolfangel PhD
Dr. Robert G. Wolfangel PhD

Dr. Robert G. Wolfangel PhD • Director


Dr. Wolfangel served as Vice President, Scientific Affairs of Certus International Inc. Board since 2001. His responsibilities include providing strategic scientific and regulatory guidance to start-up and major pharmaceutical firms engaged in the research and development of new diagnostic and therapeutic drugs. This includes development of clinical protocols, audit of manufacturing and quality processes, stability protocol design, process validation and preparation of regulatory submissions for diagnostic imaging drugs, including radiopharmaceutical, ultrasound contrast agents and diagnostic devices. Dr.

Wolfangel has Ph.D. in Bionucleonics from Purdue University, an MS in Industrial Pharmacy and a BS in Pharmacy (with honors) from St. Louis College of Pharmacy. Dr. Wolfangel brings to the Board over sixteen years’ experience in providing strategic and regulatory guidance to start-up pharmaceutical firms