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Awards & Recognition - AMIC has been recognized as a leader by local, state and federal agencies.


• $1.3 million U.S. Federal grant for brachytherapy 

• Leaders in Healthcare Award, Seattle Business Magazine

• Federal Laboratory Consortium Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer, 

   a prestigious honor recognized by the US Secretary of Energy and US Senator Murray


2016 - World Council on Isotopes Special Report
Special Report on Advances in Medical Radiotherapy featuring Dr. Alan Walter, Chairman Scientific Advisory Board and James Katzaroff, Chairman, CEO and Founder at Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation
2016 WCI Newsletter January Edition.pdf
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2015 - AMIC awarded $250,000 Life Sciences Discovery Fund Grant as Commercialization Partner 


Focus: To test a novel technology for delivering high-dose radiation to solid cancers that cannot be removed surgically

Anticipated Impact: Safer, more effective treatment of radiation-resistant solid cancers


Principal Investigator: Dr. Darrell Fisher
Grantee Organization: Washington State University
Grant Title: Optimized Injectable Radiogels for High-dose Therapy of Non-resectable Solid Tumors
Grant Cohort and Year: 2015 Proof of Concept (03)
Grant Period: 03/01/2015 - 02/28/2017 (Active)
Grant Amount: $250,000

August 3, 2013 - The Secretary of Energy, Washington, D.C.

Secretary of Energy 2013 Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer
DOE Award of Excellence in Technology.pd
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