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Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation Announces Treatment of First Household Pet

Kennewick, WA / Accesswire / October 6, 2016 / Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation (“AMI”) (OTC: ADMD), a late stage radiation oncology focused medical device company today announced that the first household pet, a cat, has been treated for cancer with the Company’s pet version of the Y-90 RadioGel(TM) device.


The cat is the beloved pet of a family from Seattle, Washington.  After their cat was diagnosed with feline sarcoma, the family became aware of a study at Washington State University utilizing the pet version of the AMI Y-90 RadioGel(TM) device.  Both the veterinarian and the family concluded that the pet version of the Y-90 RadioGel(TM) device was an excellent treatment option.  Staff at Washington State University confirmed the cat was an ideal candidate for enrollment in this study.  Following the initial treatment, the cat is scheduled to undergo seven follow-up appointments over a two year period.  The study outcome data will be reported to AMI periodically.  Funding for this study was provided by a grant from the Washington State Life Sciences Discovery Fund where AMI is the commercialization partner. 


AMI Founder, CEO and Chairman James C. Katzaroff stated “This treatment is a significant milestone for Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation and the commercialization of our Y-90 RadioGel(TM) device for the veterinarian market, with the human market to follow upon potential future submission and approval from the FDA.  We want to thank the family for taking the time to investigate our new and innovative therapy and provide us with the opportunity treat their cat.”


The Principal Investigator, Dr. Darrell Fisher stated “I am very pleased that we have treated the first household pet with the pet version of the Y-90 RadioGel(TM) device.  The data gathered during this study will provide important feasibility and outcome data to guide future treatments with the product.”

The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, IsoPet Solutions Corporation, is actively developing partnerships in the veterinary oncology space to support the introduction of the Company’s cancer treatment products into the veterinary market.


About Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation


Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation (ADMD) is a late stage radiation oncology focused medical device company engaged in the development of yttrium-90 based brachytherapy devices for the treatment of non resectable tumors. The IsoPet Solutions division is focused on establishing the infrastructure necessary to provide product to veterinary clinics including regulatory clearances and compliance as well as providing product awareness and education to veterinary oncologists. Brachytherapy uses radiation to destroy cancerous tumors by placing a radioactive isotope inside or next to the treatment area. The Company intends to outsource material aspects of manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing for its products in the United States and to enter into licensing arrangements outside of the United States, though the Company will evaluate its alternatives before finalizing its plans. For more information, please visit our website,


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